Nominations for the 2021 Distinguished Alumnus Award are being accepted now through March 26, 2021. 

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GSBS Distinguished Alumnus Award

The GSBS Distinguished Alumnus Award is presented annually to a graduate who has made outstanding contributions in the area of service, involvement and leadership or has achieved special recognition in his or her professional career.  This is the highest honor bestowed to an alumnus by the GSBS Associates.

2020 Recipient
Dr. Timothy L. Denning, Class of 2002


Dr. Timothy L. Denning is a 2002 graduate of the GSBS Microbiology and Immunology Program. He completed his postdoctoral training at the La Jolla institute and the Emory Vaccine Center. His biomedical research has focused on the role of intestinal immune cells in the regulation of experimental models of Chron's disease and ulcerative colitis. His high-impact research has been exceedingly productive as evidenced by over 60 peer-reviewed publications that have collectively been cited more than 5,500 times. His research has garnered continuous grant support and has earned him numerous honors, awards, and lectureships both nationally and internationally. He is currently a tenured professor and Associate Director of the Institute for Biomedical Sciences at Georgia State University (GSU). He is heavily contributing to the academic mission of GSU by leading a new PhD program in Translational Biomedical Sciences as well as a new Master of Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Biomedical Enterprise


 Previous Distinguished Alumni Recipients

Name Program Class Year Award Year
Erle K. Adrian, MD, PhD Anatomy 1967 1982
Harvey Bunce III, PhD Preventive Medicine & Community Health 1978 2005
Kenneth C. Carter, PhD Human Biological Chemistry & Genetics 1989 1999
Evelyn Tiffany Castiglioni, PhD Human Biological Chemistry & Genetics 1979 2002
Gilbert A. Castro, PhD Microbiology & Immunology 1966 1979
Thomas M. Crisp, PhD                    Anatomy 1966 1987
Jerry C. Daniels, MD, PhD Anatomy 1973 1990
Timothy L. Denning, PhD Microbiology & Immunology 2002 2020
Michael H. Droge, PhD Physiology & Biophysics 1982 2012
Richard W. Drummond, PhD Human Biological Chemistry & Genetics 1980 1997
Anthony Martin Gerdes, BS, PhD Anatomy 1978 2013
Burhan Ghanayem, PhD Pharmacology & Toxicology 1983 1998
William H. Griffith, III, PhD Pharmacology & Toxicology 1980 2014
Mary E. Guinan, MD, PhD Cellular Physiology & Molecular Biophysics 1969 2001
Melvin Hess, PhD* Anatomy 1952 1977
Jacob Paul Hieble, PhD Pharmacology & Toxicology 1977 1993
T.C. Hsu, PhD* Preventive Medicine & Community Health 1953 1996
George R. Jackson, MD, PhD   Human Biological Chemistry & Genetics 1993 2011
James H. Jorgensen, PhD Microbiology & Immunology 1973 2007
Samuel N. Kolmen, PhD* Cellular Physiology& Molecular Biophysics 1957 1981
Matthew M. LaVail, PhD Anatomy 1969 1984
Gailen Marshall, MD, PhD Human Biological Chemistry & Genetics 1979 2010
Faith McLellan, PhD Medical Humanities 1998 2009
Mary Treinen Moslen, PhD Preventive Medicine & Community Health 1983 1984
Susan Lynn Naylor, PhD Human Biological Chemistry & Genetics 1977 1995
J. Arly Nelson, PhD Pharmacology & Toxicology 1970 1991
Anthony P. Nicholas, MD, PhD Anatomy 1987 2019
Joan E. Nichols, PhD Microbiology & Immunology 1999 2015
John M. Nickerson, PhD Human Biological Chemistry & Genetics 1980 2008
Leroy Olson, PhD* Preventive Medicine & Community Health 1957 1978
Slobodan Paessler, DVM, PhD Experimental Pathology 2007 2016
Ben G. Raimer, MA, MD Human Biological Chemistry & Genetics 1970 2003
Victor E. Reyes, MD, PhD Microbiology & Immunology 1987 2018
Cynthia Robbins-Roth, PhD Human Biological Chemistry & Genetics 1980 2006
William B. Stavinoha, PhD Pharmacology 1959 1980
Daniel L. Traber, PhD* Cellular Physiology & Molecular Biophysics 1965 1985
Fernando M. Trevino, PhD Preventive Medicine & Community Health 1979 2000
Robert G. Urban, PhD Microbiology & Immunology 1991 2004
Johan E. van Lier, PhD Biochemistry 1969 1983
Thomas W. Vickroy, PhD Pharmacology & Toxicology 1982 2017
Martin A. Wasserman, PhD Pharmacology & Toxicology 1972 1986
Joseph G. Wood, PhD* Anatomy 1962 1976


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